Business of SEO

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Today without search engine optimization, there is no meaning in internet marketing.The business of SEO has come to stay. It now provides lots of tools for internet marketing. This brings results which could only be dreamed in the past. Many online businesses that are flourishing now may not exist without these tools.

These marketing tools include management of reputation, research in keywords and enhancing page speed. However, surely they are not limited to that. Anybody can have a quick look at them. Keyword phrases and keywords are part of the spinal column of internet marketing. These are only the words that visitor’s use.

Visitors type the keywords into search engines looking for information, product or services. If you optimize the keywords in your site, it will unlock you to a huge market for your products or services. But, many people in business do not have much experience or knowledge in keyword research.

That’s the reason you have to hire professionals in SEO to deal with keyword research. Services in keyword research provide more than filling potential keyword phrases in search. The services in SEO take time to look at how your target business feels when they look for your services and products.

In Search Of The Right Web Host

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In Search Of The Best Web Host

In all likelihood, you and just about everyone you know, has or will have soon their own blog or website. One of the most important considerations in building a successful online presence is to select the right web hosting company. If you choose one that cannot expand as your site grows, you will lose visitors. The site will load slowly or even crash. It costs time, money and a great deal of frustration to then have to find an alternative host and move all of your data to a new server. The time invested in researching web hosting options and then making an informed decision will save you time, money and headaches in the future.

Before you can select a web host, you will need to determine what kind of tools and capabilities your website or blog requires. Consider the amount of video, movies, music, data and text you anticipate will be required. Before making a selection, ask these questions.

• Does the host provide adequate bandwidth and disk space to meet your requirement secure shopping cart with credit card processing?

• Do they provide 24/7 customer and technical support? Does a “live” person or an automated system answer the phone?

• What does the hosting company do to offer assurance that your data is safe and secure? What do they do to prevent hackers and fraudsters from manipulating and using your data?

Many of the terms used in web hosting can be quite confusing if this is the first time you have created your own blog or website. Statistics show that in 2013 there are more than 35,000 unique web hosts. That is a mind-boggling amount of data and an incredible number of users.

To make it a bit easier to wade through all the advertisements, hyperbole rhetoric and terminology you will encounter in your quest for the ideal web host company for your blog or website, please review the following. Avoid frauds and scams.

Personal Or Shared Hosting

Personal or shared hosting refers to a single web server shared by literally hundreds of webmasters operating thousands of sites simultaneously. The majority of personal or shared plans include a veritable treasure chest of web development and e-commerce tools available because of the shared environment. When you sign up for a shared web-hosting plan, you receive a tiny portion of the web server, which you can utilize to host as many site as you wish.

A shared or personal plan is known in the industry as cheap hosting. When purchased from a reputable provider it is the least expensive and is more than adequate if you are launching a personal blog or website with l0 pages or less.

Virtual Private Server

If you require a more comprehensive plan to manage multiple e-commerce or business orientated websites that are constantly expanding, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plan may be your best solution. VPS plans are highly personalized and work best for sites with heavy traffic. A VSP plan resembles a shared or personal plan in that you share the web server with other webmasters. The plan differs in that rather than having a single specific portion of the server, the server is divided accumulatively. As your requirements grow, you can access more resources instead of being restricted to a designated section of the server. One of the most valued traits of a private server is that you can block all IP addresses with the exception of your own from logging into the control panel. This builds another strong wall between you and hackers that may wish to access your data illegally.

Dedicated Server

Considered the Cadillac of web hosting, dedicated service providers are the most powerful of hosting services in that the server is devoted entirely to the hosting of only your sites. Because sharing is not an issue, the server can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. A dedicated server is the ideal solution for large corporations who wish to take advantage of the impressive advantages of utilizing a dedicated server.

Reseller Hosting

A newly emerging service in the web-hosting marketplace, reseller hosting benefits both the reseller and the web hosting company. The reseller reaps the rewards of generating recurring profits from a modest investment. The web host benefits by being able to expand its reach of services and products, tailored to the specific channels of the reseller.

Advice On Choosing A Web Host

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One of the most vital decisions when planning to build an online presence is deciding where to host your web site. If you select the wrong host, you may have a visually impressive site, however users will have a difficult time when your site runs slowly or even fails to load at all. You may even end up committed to a host that offers no customer service, technical support or user security. Taking the time to research web hosting companies will save you headaches, time and effort in the future. All the time and hard work invested in your site could be wasted or even lost if you select the wrong company. It is frustrating and time consuming to then have to find a company that can support your requirements and transfer all you data to another host.

An online search for a web hosting company will provide literally hundreds of different hosting companies soliciting your businesses. The choices seem overwhelming and it can be quite daunting to try to select the one that is best for your blog or website. With so many choices, how can you ensure you select one of the reputable ones? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Before you start your search, determine your requirements. Do you just want a personal website or blog to post photos and text for friends and family or do you want to promote a local business or create an online way of producing additional income? If you are just building a personal site with 10 pages or less, you can get by all right with a free web host. The main drawback to free sites in addition to their limited space, security and service, is that your site will be bombarded with advertisements. The web host puts these ads on you site to produce income for them in exchange for providing free hosting.

If you are promoting a business or attempting to make an online income, you will need more tools and services. Will you require a shopping cart with secure checkout, scripting, log analysis, a domain name with unlimited sub-domains, multiple e-mail accounts and user security assurance? Look for a web hosting company that offers all the e-commerce tools you require in one package. Make sure to select a plan that provides adequate disk space and bandwidth to support all the images, videos, data and text you plan to incorporate into your blog or website. Avoid hidden fees and costly add-ons.

If you are not an accomplished Webmaster, determine if the host offers user-friendly online website building tools and helpful training. However, remember that these tools are proprietary and only work with the hosting company’s server. If you become disenchanted with their services and wish to move to another host, your work will be lost and you will have to start again from scratch; another reason for choosing the best web host possible in the beginning.

Select a web host that offers 27/7 toll-free customer service and technical support. Does a “live” person answer the phone or is your call diverted to an automated system? If you have a problem with you site after hours or on the weekend, you don’t want to have to wait hours or days to fix the glitch.

Ask what security measures are in place to make sure that your data remains safe and secure. There is an enormous amount of personal information exchanged online. You want to make sure your site is protected from hackers and fraudsters.

Make sure you understand the type of hosting you are purchasing. The majority of small to medium sites with less than 5,000 visitors a day are adequately served by inexpensive “shared hosting.” Larger websites with extensive traffic are best served with “dedicated hosting” which means they are the only site on the server.

Can Voters Fight Domestic Drones at the Ballot Box?

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Does anyone else feel as though a majority of Americans are unenthusiastic about living in a surveillance state yet rapidly resigning themselves to the inevitability of living in a surveillance state? This is partly due to the proliferation of smart phones with cameras and the expectation of Google Glasses in our near future. Even excepting all government surveillance, the average American enjoys much less anonymity in public than they once did, and the trend is only intensifying.
But domestic drones used by police agencies pose an unprecedented threat to privacy rights. As the ACLU puts it, “The prospect of cheap, small, portable flying video surveillance machines threatens to eradicate existing practical limits on aerial monitoring and allow for pervasive surveillance, police fishing expeditions, and abusive use of these tools in a way that could eventually eliminate the privacy Americans have typically enjoyed in their movements and privacy.”
Adds Glenn Greenwald, “The belief that weaponized drones won’t be used on US soil is patently irrational. Of course they will be. It’s not just likely but inevitable. Police departments are already speaking openly about how their drones ‘could be equipped to carry nonlethal weapons such as Tasers or a bean-bag gun.’ The drone industry has already developed and is now aggressively marketing precisely such weaponized drones for domestic law enforcement use.” I fear he’s right. How would the Branch Davidian standoff play out if it occurred five or ten years from today?
Greenwald argues that opposing a future of ubiquitous drone surveillance by the government “may be one area where an actual bipartisan/trans-partisan alliance can meaningfully emerge, as most advocates working on these issues with whom I’ve spoken say that libertarian-minded GOP state legislators have been as responsive as more left-wing Democratic ones in working to impose some limits.” And federal limits on drone surveillance, like the warrant requirement before Congress, ought to be aggressively advocated by everyone who perceives the costs of failure.
What I wonder is if it would be effective to campaign for limits at the state and local levels too, especially in states that offer voters the ability to put initiatives on the ballot to be voted on by the people. Would Californians vote for an outright ban on drone use by law enforcement in the state? Or for strict warrant requirements? Or permission to operate only in emergency circumstances? Surely there’s some set of populist restrictions voters would sign onto. And I presume, at this moment, that they’d pass a ban on weaponized drones, which haven’t been normalized yet for use inside the United States, though absent a ban I suspect they eventually will be.
California’s drone lobby is growing in power every day — the state is an aerospace industry hub — so the ballot box may be a better bet than the legislature. It would be a huge civil-liberties win to ensure that at least state and local police won’t spy from the sky on the nation’s most populous jurisdiction. A total of 17 states permit residents to qualify constitutional amendments for the ballot box. Ubiquitous aerial surveillance is only inevitable if Americans in those places don’t adequately oppose it.

SEO – How to Do It ?

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One should optimize their site with due importance for SEO, search engine optimization as well as end user’s needs. Delivering quality results will require great hard work.

Keyword occurrences, back-links and latent semantic indexing forms the back bone of the search engine optimization (SEO). Keyword density is a common name that almost every aspiring web content writer knows. Backlinks too have found their fair share among writers.

Latent semantic indexing or largely called as LSI is another concept which have been in the internet for quite a long while. Just that it got much exposure recently as many search algorithms are based on these LSI terms.

So what is LSI after all? The latent semantic indexing is a concept which defines similar meaning words for a given set of main keywords. The LSI terms or words may or may not be having same meaning. But will be related in that particular context.

For example, if the main keywords are laptop reviews, its related terms will be mostly screen size, laptop batteries, RAM, processor, computer review and so on. Like wise, all the above terms do not mean the same, but are related in one way or another in this context.
If these terms are used in web content, the pages will be better in ranking.

Useful Tips for Creating Solid SEO Copy

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SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is one of the most difficult, nerve buzzing things to do, second only to public speaking. That’s because, though there are rules to follow, there’s no one right do it. That’s why many copywriters could use some good tips for copy.

Being a SEO in Dallas, (one of the most hardcore marketing hubs in The States), I have learned that one of the most important things you can do is to stay focused on objective, and that is clearing telling consumers about the advantages to a product or service, and setting in place a brand identity from amongst the competition. Look at SEO copywriting the same as you would for good advertising copy. Maybe it’s a short, poppy catch phrase or slogan that makes the reader feel good that you’re looking to write.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, an ad campaign can go viral on the web. No matter what form you use, it should always be exciting and never dull. Be creative. Express yourself. You have the key to connecting with the public.

What Makes a Great Headline?

A great headline summons the reader to go further. It needs to be catchy, witty, charming and short. It’s the best way to get the reader to read what you’ve written. Without a good headline. All of the work you’ve done is useless. When the headline has done its job, that’s when you can tell the reader how the product or service will help them. Make sure they can clearly see the benefits.

Get to Know Your Target Demographic

Before you can tell someone about at product or service that can benefit them, you have to know who they are and add that to your overall key messaging. Acquaint yourself with how their daily lives might look, that way you might be able to paint a picture of a product that can effectively benefit them. The best way to identify who they are is through focus groups and market research. Conducting these will help you understand who it is you’re speaking to, then you can speak their language.

What Does The Reader Think?

The reader will know you empathize with them when you can read their mind. The best way to do this is to say what they’re thinking. (You’ll have a better idea of what that is once you’ve conducted your research and defined you audience.) Make sure you write in specifics rather than generalities. It’s best to appeal to the one particular niche group most likely to benefit from the product. It might even help to visualize just one person and write the ad to them.

Stop Naval Gazing

It’s easy to lose sight of the reader when you are writing copy about a specific product, but remember, the more you reference what you are selling and the less you reference the customer, the more self-focused you sound. Readers want to hear about themselves, so remember to talk more about them and less about the product.

Grab ‘Em!

Sure, you’re expertly crafted eight-word-or-less headline has the reader continuing on with the copy you’ve written, but that doesn’t mean you can let the writing get boring and impersonal. And, by all means, avoid using jargon. What are you doing to keep their attention? You’ve got to plant yet another hook within the text to grab the reader and make sure they stay with your pitch.

Maintain Your Voice

Your ad campaign might include several different types of media, in which you’ll probably write copy in various ranges. Remember, whether it’s a 700-word press release or a 20-word print ad, the messaging must be consistent across all fronts. Brevity and clarity will be your best friends.

Improve Their Lives

Don’t let the reader get tripped up by your writing. Don’t get too fancy, and don’t let your sense of humor overshadow that product or service that you are selling. Overall, your writing should let the reader know what’s in it for them.

Google Penguin Updates

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SEO has been buzz this year with the latest update from the Google and it is named as Penguin. Penguin came on the tail of the latest Panda update. Google Penguin updates are launched on April 24 this year. According to the Google Blog, Penguin is an important algorithm change targeted at web spam. This change will decrease the rankings of the sites which violate the Google’s existing guidelines related to the content publishing. Google mentioned that a site with black hat SEO for the link generating in concern of keyword stuffing would get a trouble. Link incorporating irrelevant outgoing links would also cause penguin to flag a site. Sites affected by this change would not be easily recognized as spamming unless deep and through analysis or expertise. But the common thing is that these sites are doing more than white hat SEO, we believe they are engaging with web spam tactics to manipulate search engine rankings. Unfortunately, Google has not yet outlines that which signals are picking by the Penguin. So many site owners that were negatively impacted are in dark for their wrong onsite SEO. Site owners should check frequently their webmaster account for the purpose of any messages from Google warning about your past spamming activity and potential penalties.

Google Panda Updates

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Most of the Google updates are focused on the Panda since last year, related to the SEO. This update is designed for sites of low ranking because of less traffic and copy content from others web sites. Basically, Panda updates concern according to the target pages that are not spam and not of great quality as well. After thin content, this was the first penalty, and the sites that were hit by the first Panda updates were content farms. Hence, it was basically named as Farmer updates, where users published a number of low quality, keyword stuffed articles that give no real value to the readers. Many publishers submit articles of same quality just for getting the extra links for their sites. Panda is a site with wide penalty that is; if enough (not specific number) of your site pages are flagged for having thin content then your entire site could be penalized. Panda was also intended to stop the scrappers, the content of publishers other than original authors. More over many site owners has complained that they made different Panda friendly changes, their sites did not recover automatically. So site owners have to generate low traffic for several months to their sites until Google got around to re-crawling their websites and took note of any positive changes.

Use of SEO and SEM Simultaneously

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Companies are using both SEO and SEM simultaneously, as search engine optimization is the combination of SEO and paid advertising. People are searching high and low for a component of personality that is unique from the crowd. In modern era, businesses are expanding by the aid of technology. Taking advantage of both organic and paid search engine marketing companies become unique from their competitors in dealing with laser targeted and endless prospects.
At least for a brand both paid and organic optimization plays a vital role for successful results. They both are even more effective altogether. It is as that for instance, a customer clicks on paid ads there may be possibility that he already visited the business website through organic search. So this would expand the business more deliberately in real terms with both SEO and SEM For keyword of a brand, Organic search visits impacted the paid search visits in more percentage. This indicates the cyclical switches between paid and organic listings. Most of the visitors on the internet do research first before they make a purchase. They do a search again, and in this case there is more likelihood that they click on the PPC ads. This is perhaps because the messaging is more action-oriented and they think it’s a faster route for the visitors for making a purchase.

Difference between SEO and Paid Marketing

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Both organic, search engine optimization and paid or sponsored listing drive targeted traffics to your website keeping the website in search engine results. Today businesses use SEO as it is economical in cost in relation to the paid advertising, email marketing and other modes of marketing which are expensive for small entities and demand hazardous and laborious work. SEO covers long last visibility of your website or blog on the search engine results. More traffic generates due to the attraction for the customers, more revenue earned by the business. SEO beats the competition and it is cost effective for the businesses. SEO works both on local and international level; you can expand your brand widely throughout the world.
On the other hand paid marketing is suitable for owner of websites who do not have much time to take the organic approach for online marketing. With good online marketing plan you can achieve your goal of successful marketing. It is a quick way of promoting your business in search engine results. Paid Marketing covers the entire campaign management process from set up to reporting and tracking as landing page optimization and Traffic potential of Paid Marketing. With the help of paid marketing and high quality link building services, there is quick implementation possible for the purpose of search engine top results.