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How to Keep Current with Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Harold Johnson - 16/04/05 at 06:04 pm

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky business. You really have to stay on top of it; everything that applied last month (or even last week) may have have considerably less value today. For example, submitting to search systems. That SEO for Dummies book you have on your desk may have been written well over a year ago, and by now half of the material within is probably outdated.

In fact, I’m currently reading an SEO book that even admits the potential discrepancies between the information presented on its printed pages and the more timely information presented on a websites such as SEO Updates. The book declares that some search systems–such as MSN Search, which is not as widely used as Google or Yahoo!–will probably have become major players by the time of the book’s publishing. (This turned out to be true, as MSN Search has since become one of the top search systems.)

The key is to keep digging up the most current information and watching those websites and blogs which update regularly. A very recently-published book will give you a good enough idea of what to expect if you’re just starting to learn SEO techniques, but stay away from the two or three-year-old tomes, as the information presented within will be about as relevant to your needs as the 1999 price of RAM to a current computer shopper. If you’re really serious about keeping up with SEO, also subscribe to sites that offer an RSS feed so that updated information will be delivered right to your desktop just as you’re busily updating that website you want to build traffic for.

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