On-page and Off-page optimization

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What I’ve learned from SEO is there are two kinds of it. One is the on-page optimization. It’s what you do to your website in order for it to attract more traffic. One important thing is by putting powerful keywords on it and another is by customizing your design where search engines could easily detect your title, which should include your keywords, on the page. Another kind of optimization is off-page optimization. This is what you do outside of your website in order to attract more visitors. Either by getting another website with so many visitors in order to link to you. Whether on-page or off-page optimization, it’s up to you but they say it’s the off-page optimization which could give you the edge over other websites. Good luck on your optimization!

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Post Title: On-page and Off-page optimization
Author: Katrina Abbie Elpedes
Posted: 28th September 2008
Filed As: SEO Updates
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  1. Hi, good information about off page and on page optimization. Difference between off page and on page optimization is easily understood. Thanks for your information.

  2. kate says:

    thanks for your feedback! ;)

  3. Great tips, I’d say after you take care of the content on your site, that the off page link building is the next most important

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