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SEO has been buzz this year with the latest update from the Google and it is named as Penguin. Penguin came on the tail of the latest Panda update. Google Penguin updates are launched on April 24 this year. According to the Google Blog, Penguin is an important algorithm change targeted at web spam. This change will decrease the rankings of the sites which violate the Google’s existing guidelines related to the content publishing. Google mentioned that a site with black hat SEO for the link generating in concern of keyword stuffing would get a trouble. Link incorporating irrelevant outgoing links would also cause penguin to flag a site. Sites affected by this change would not be easily recognized as spamming unless deep and through analysis or expertise. But the common thing is that these sites are doing more than white hat SEO, we believe they are engaging with web spam tactics to manipulate search engine rankings. Unfortunately, Google has not yet outlines that which signals are picking by the Penguin. So many site owners that were negatively impacted are in dark for their wrong onsite SEO. Site owners should check frequently their webmaster account for the purpose of any messages from Google warning about your past spamming activity and potential penalties.

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Post Title: Google Penguin Updates
Author: sibtain ali
Posted: 28th December 2012
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