Useful Tips for Creating Solid SEO Copy

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SEO copywriting is one of the most difficult, nerve buzzing things to do, second only to public speaking. That’s because, though there are rules to follow, there’s no one right do it. That’s why many copywriters could use some good tips for copy.

Being a SEO in Dallas, (one of the most hardcore marketing hubs in The States), I have learned that one of the most important things you can do is to stay focused on objective, and that is clearing telling consumers about the advantages to a product or service, and setting in place a brand identity from amongst the competition. Look at SEO copywriting the same as you would for good advertising copy. Maybe it’s a short, poppy catch phrase or slogan that makes the reader feel good that you’re looking to write.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, an ad campaign can go viral on the web. No matter what form you use, it should always be exciting and never dull. Be creative. Express yourself. You have the key to connecting with the public.

What Makes a Great Headline?

A great headline summons the reader to go further. It needs to be catchy, witty, charming and short. It’s the best way to get the reader to read what you’ve written. Without a good headline. All of the work you’ve done is useless. When the headline has done its job, that’s when you can tell the reader how the product or service will help them. Make sure they can clearly see the benefits.

Get to Know Your Target Demographic

Before you can tell someone about at product or service that can benefit them, you have to know who they are and add that to your overall key messaging. Acquaint yourself with how their daily lives might look, that way you might be able to paint a picture of a product that can effectively benefit them. The best way to identify who they are is through focus groups and market research. Conducting these will help you understand who it is you’re speaking to, then you can speak their language.

What Does The Reader Think?

The reader will know you empathize with them when you can read their mind. The best way to do this is to say what they’re thinking. (You’ll have a better idea of what that is once you’ve conducted your research and defined you audience.) Make sure you write in specifics rather than generalities. It’s best to appeal to the one particular niche group most likely to benefit from the product. It might even help to visualize just one person and write the ad to them.

Stop Naval Gazing

It’s easy to lose sight of the reader when you are writing copy about a specific product, but remember, the more you reference what you are selling and the less you reference the customer, the more self-focused you sound. Readers want to hear about themselves, so remember to talk more about them and less about the product.

Grab ‘Em!

Sure, you’re expertly crafted eight-word-or-less headline has the reader continuing on with the copy you’ve written, but that doesn’t mean you can let the writing get boring and impersonal. And, by all means, avoid using jargon. What are you doing to keep their attention? You’ve got to plant yet another hook within the text to grab the reader and make sure they stay with your pitch.

Maintain Your Voice

Your ad campaign might include several different types of media, in which you’ll probably write copy in various ranges. Remember, whether it’s a 700-word press release or a 20-word print ad, the messaging must be consistent across all fronts. Brevity and clarity will be your best friends.

Improve Their Lives

Don’t let the reader get tripped up by your writing. Don’t get too fancy, and don’t let your sense of humor overshadow that product or service that you are selling. Overall, your writing should let the reader know what’s in it for them.

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Post Title: Useful Tips for Creating Solid SEO Copy
Author: Steven Floyd
Posted: 15th February 2013
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